#BankSocial 2017

This year, Carrie, Mike and I were asked to speak at the 2nd #BankSocial Conference in Miami Florida. 

Everyone who attended this conference was not only familiar with social media, but we learned  so much from everyone’s experiences.  Even more surprising was the amount of people in attendance from HR and Compliance departments.  I highly recommend for any bank thinking of attending – send your teams who will be involved in growing your social media presence, not just marketing or customer experience people. 

Following our workshop, many attendees introduced themselves to us and shared all the amazing things they are doing at their banks.  We even met the Fidelity Fam!  Thanks to CU Times who covered our workshop in their write up.  

Many of you asked for our social media policies and while I couldn’t share them here, I have a few resources to help you write/modify yours:

We sat in the Onovative workshop after ours which was incredibly detailed with information about google analytics and reaching your customers on various platforms.   Make sure you check out their awesome templates and resources.


We later enjoyed a dinner with our friends at Hootsuite at Truluck’s in downtown Miami.  Great conversations combined with al fresco dining makes for a nice evening. 

One of my heroes in marketing and customer experience, Jay Baer, presented the next day.  I have read many of his books and his presentation covered customer experience, online reviews and new ways to turn your haters into brand advocates.  I was lucky enough to catch him for a photo and get him to autograph my book!

We  got on stage and sat alongside the talented Amy Mcilwain of Hootsuite, to speak on a panel about social media and our Avidia Smarties program.  Amy was an excellent moderator and even took some questions live via Twitter, after all, it is Bank Social!


The afternoon was filled with great stuff, including a presentation by our friend @Waupsh.  He spoke a lot about FinTech companies, industry trends and of course provided plenty of humor, all the while, he didn’t spill a drop of tea on stage.  For the record, I just bought his book, Bankruption.

Speaking of FinTech, we met up with the guys from PushPayments.  Their platform and social game truly sets them apart. 

There were quite a few other key players we met throughout the week but I was impressed by the two women from a bank in Israel, who came out specifically to see Carrie and I speak.  They even gave us one of their custom branded Facebook “Like” stamps!  How cool is that?!

I also learned two new vocabulary words throughout the week.  

Thumbstopping” – When you’re scrolling through social feeds and a piece of content catches your eye and stops your scrolling.

Tradigital” – Where traditional meets digital.  

The end of the main session for the conference came with an energizing presentation from Ethan Hall of Social Media Law and Order.  If you were searching for the epic video he played at the end, here it is for your viewing pleasure:


 Thank you to John Siracusa and his awesome team for putting it all together and I can’t wait for next year!  

Till next time… see you on social! 

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