YWD Conference Recap

On April 12, I was headed into Google for the first ever Young Women in Digital Conference. I have been part of this organization since they began in 2013.

I started the day nerding out over being at Google’s Cambridge HQ.


The morning kicked off with a mug of coffee and a session on Boldness and Beyoncé. What a great way to start the day with other women who are leading the way in digital marketing and tech in the Boston area!

As Twitter filled with #YWDConference tweets, I made some connections with other women who work in similar space and some who don’t. After all, I was feeling like Beyoncé after that first session.

During the second session, which featured People Magazine’s Digital team, I was stunned when they said something I have asked myself. “Am I going to get fired for this?” They referenced a moment where they posted a Snapchat Discover Story and their CEO sent them a message asking what “AF” means. I knew that same feeling since, as a marketer, you’re always pushing the boundaries to be different.

What surprised me the most about this statement though was that it was PEOPLE MAGAZINE! The same magazine that publishes celebrity gossip so I figured, nothing was out of bounds for them. I was wrong.

Note: none of us were fired.

Just a few of the wonderful women I met at the conference. Professional photos from Katie Noble.


We then heard from speakers from Match.com and Waze. The future is one incredible place and I’m excited to go there!

During lunch, I got my hair styled and eye make up done from the Glam Squad who just came to Boston-perfect for when you have a big speaking engagement! 

Creating content wins with Twitter was another informative session where I learned a few tricks about creating some engaging content and these tips I can’t wait to implement. Sorry, I can’t share them here, you just had to be at the conference!

As the day was wrapping up, I felt invigorated and full of great ideas! Things that I need to implement right away and things that I can implement long term. Additionally, I felt empowered and made some great connections. Getting support in your career from women who have been through it all is an enriching experience that helps keep me motivated.

I cannot wait until the next conference. Until then, I’ll be working on my Beyoncé strut.