adrianna-picAdriana is a combination of a simple, quiet, fun, loving and empathetic person. She enjoys music, dance, nature, food and helping others.  She is not afraid of the future and if you need some inspiration she can tell you how she started a whole new life out of nothing, not once, but three times! She moved from a small town to a capital, them from one country to another, finally embracing marriage to her enchanted prince of her own Fairy Tale story.

In her journey she learned how to stand up for her faith and beliefs and also learned to value and respect family and friends. She learned that money does not come easy. She learned how to be a money saver through working in factories from 3pm to 5am while attending high school and put up a 70hr/wk and go to college full time.

But mostly important I never stopped dreaming, and never stopped believing. But thanks goodness the tough jobs are over! And I have learned that what we do today are seeds planted to harvest in our life called tomorrow.

Today Adriana has found a new passion in retail banking and DIY stuff for the house. “And I tell you, I have not had a Pinterest fail yet.”