Her retail career began in 1989 at the ripe age of 5, when her family opened a textile business in North Central, MA. At age 10, she was a buyer for the largest independently-run textile distribution company (aka “fabric shop”) in the northeast. While her fourth grade peers were in class, she was cutting deals on Greene St in Lower Manhattan.

In the days before social media, she would attract business by organizing a pop-up fashion show or an interpretive dance on the front steps of the company, featuring a ragtag team of neighborhood cohorts. (BTW, did we mention she’s a classically trained ballerina?). The store was her test lab. She created signs, marketing messages and even headed product development. In the late 90s she tried her hand at website development (yeah, 8th grade… ‪#‎nobigdeal‬), launching to the world. Orders poured in from across the country, even as far as the UK and Africa!

These days – although still a rouge marketer at heart – Carrie finds herself in the Retail Banking space as a leader and a disrupter.

When not confined to her office, she’s out hunting for treasures at a flea market or estate sale. Interior design and upcycling old furniture is her creative outlet. Watch out for this one on Twitter at @BankSmartCARRIE!