Being an AvidiaSmartie is fun! It allows me to take the passion I have for my job combined with this group of like minded employees and create a something dynamic for the public to see. Whatever that means. Yeah, it’s cool.

A bio in her own words

straightouttaBankSmartJess is the self-proclaimed “oldie” of the group. She remembers record players, jelly shoes, socializing “offline” and the original Nintendo. She is currently weeding her way through this technological world with the help of her social savvy group, the #AvidiaSmarties.

When she is not creating nifty memes or designing brochures, she is mom to her two sons, 14 and 11, and “scout mom” to 9 5th graders! While her 14 year old son doesn’t think she is so cool, Jessica is still living out her “20s” by heading out to see bands, hiking a mountain or two, riding on her boyfriend’s Harley or hanging out with her lively boxer pup Shelby.

You can follow along on her journey muddling through this adult world on Facebook at Bank Smart JESS