I love showcasing all the awesome events that our community has to offer and helping our community grow!

Alpaca This social media marketing maven got her start with her own fashion and event blog.  She perfected her writing skills at Anna Maria College, where she graduated with both her bachelors and masters degrees while working in the college cafeteria serving hoagies and grinders.

Kate isn’t limited to marketing and banking.  Kate is a lover of music, who has a vintage obsession, a part time puppy collector and a world class home chef for herself.  She’s been known to give an alpaca a kiss or eat a strange dish on camera just to get the word out about fun and exciting events.  When she’s not working, Kate can be found in her garden, on the ski slopes or surfing at the South Shore beaches when the season is just right!  Follow her on Twitter and Instagram at @BankSmartKATE