Stephanie is our Universal Teller over in Leominster! She’s been with us here at Avidia for 3 years now and is always killing it with our customers! 

“I wanted to be a Smartie because I love being out in the community and showing the awesome things that Avidia Bank does!”

Besides being an amazing bankers, Stephanie also thrives when it comes to creative arts! She started her own photography business back when she was just 15 and was a school photographer for 7 years after graduating high school! Stephanie is also extremely skilled at drawing and has drawn many tattoos for people. Currently she is taking her artistic talents to the next level and is in a certificate program for Graphic Arts where she learns Illustrator and Photoshop! 

Here’s Stephanie with her gym family !


Stephanie is a self proclaimed nerd, she loves Harry Potter and even has her own wand. Her favorite show is Invader Zim, she even drew her own Invader Zim tattoo! She had two boys at home Louis and Mason and her favorite genres of music are rock and heavy metal, which she finds not too many people relate to but she loves that that’s what makes her different and stand out!