Todd is a digital banker by day and a sports fan, dad, and volunteer by night (any other time he can find). You can usually find him at a hockey rink playing or coaching his 2 boys (it helps keep him young at heart!), at the golf course or shuttling his boys to one sporting events or another. He is High Energy individual with a constant smile who loves to engage and interact with anyone he meets.

The best part of being a #AvidiaSmartie for me is the ability to get involved with our local communities through events, social gatherings or just everyday life and being able to highlight and share the best of what our local communities have to offer.

Todd also volunteers with his family for the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network and other charitable organization in the Fitchburg Area where they live, and also loves to cook for family and friends (an iron chef in his own mind!). You can follow all of Todd’s adventures on Twitter @woodsie33 (an old nickname from a hockey refereeJ) Instagram @thwood33 or snapchat @woody_33