Hipster Hudson: A Confession, Reflection & the State of Hipness

A Confession:

Picture it – the spring of 2005 and this young smartie-pants was looking for a summer job. I found an ad in my local paper that Hudson Savings Bank (now Avidia Bank) was looking for tellers (wait, am I really that old that I found my job in the newspaper?). I didn’t know what Hudson Savings Bank was or how to be a teller, but it sure seemed like a nice respectable summer job! Well, three interviews later the HR Director called to let me know that I was hired and that I was to report to the main office in Hudson for orientation in two weeks. Did I know where that was?, she asked. You betcha! See you then.

Ok, confession time. I had no idea where Hudson, MA was. Short of the two times I snuck my car out of town to the Solomon Pond Mall, I had little experience venturing out this way. But thanks to technology, I quickly ‘MapQuested’ the 01749, printed out directions (another throwback) and was ready to go! On the day of my orientation, I made it here with plenty of time to spare and took a few minutes to walk around the downtown area. It was a quiet little town. To me, seemed kind of tired and uneventful (though it’s not like I hail from a bustling metropolis). While I love me a good thrifting adventure, the dirty windows of the Salvation Army and the waft of cigarette smoke on Main Street was much more than I could bear. I walked into the Main Office of HSB to fill out my new hire paperwork, skipping the rest of the Tour De Downtown.

Ice Cream & Flowers at New City Microcreamery

Well, that summer job tuned into a full time gig and I’ve spent the last 10 wonderful years working in Hudson. Every day, I park on South St, walk up Market St, cross Main St and head up to my office. Occasionally, I’ve found time for a lunch and would hit up The Horseshoe Pub, Victor’s 50s Diner, or Hudson Creamery but most of the time I was blind to some of the changes. Over the years, Hudson became way more vibrant. New restaurants and shops came to town; the development at Highland Commons started to take shape; and, I swear… there were just more flowers everywhere.  It’s like one day I woke up and Hudson was downright happening.

A Reflection:

When did I officially realize Hudson was cool? I remember the exact moment. It was a little over a year ago. One Saturday night my friends and I were looking for something to do. They were all geared up to try this “new” restaurant in Hudson, and were wondering if I had heard of it – the Horseshoe Pub. Uhhh what? Yeah, I eat lunch there. How have you all never heard of the ‘Shoe?, I said, sounding like a real insider. So we drove to Hudson that night, ate an amazing dinner at the Horseshoe. We then moved on to New City for some dessert and made a visit to The Cobbler at <> (Less Than Greater Than). They were amazed at how cool this town was. Yup, I get to work right here in downtown every day., I said proudly as if I were stationed right in the hub of downtown Boston. It was quite the moment.

The State of Hipness:

It was amazing to see the transformation of this town over the past 10 years. Hudson, you are not the town I met 12 years ago. You have changed! And, I’m in love!

As an outsider, this coolness all seems so new, but I’m told Hudson’s hipness is really just coming back to its roots. We have some real Hudson treasures here at Avidia that have lived/worked in Hudson for the last 50 years. Some of them aren’t surprised, they’ve always known Hudson to be a hotspot. (Apparently, it was quite the destination during prohibition!)

So…what makes Hudson so hip? Come on, you’ve seen the headlines:

“Where to Eat and Drink in Hudson, MA” (Boston Magazine)
“Hudson is Making Some Noise in Metro West.” (Happening Hoods, Chronicle)
“Does Hudson Have the Most Happening Food Scene in MA?” (WGBH Boston)
“What is it Like to Live in Hudson?” (The Boston Globe)

It’s got to be the food and the shops! So much amazing goodness here right in the 01749.

And, rumor has it… Hudson is just getting started!

ICYMI – Here are some other gems:

  • Mullahy’s Cheese Shop | Cheese Shop | A sweet, sweet artisanal cheese shop located right downtown. Delicious snack packs to-go, platters for larger events…and event lunch special!
  • CAS Handmade | Leather & Linen Bag Studio & Boutique | Now I’ve never been here personally but I follow them on Facebook and am hearing AMAZING things! Excited to see this shop moving from Worcester to Hudson. Their page says opening March 2017!

What are your favorite things about Hudson? Shout it out in the comments! or use #hipsterhudson on social to share your Hudson-love. We’re collecting all the best moments in Hudson into one action-packed feed. Check it out HERE!


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10 comments on “Hipster Hudson: A Confession, Reflection & the State of Hipness

  1. Great article… thoroughly enjoyed it! If you have some time, do not forget to check out Serendipity: Jewelry, Art & Whimsy right it the heart of the downtown. In addition to being a treasure trove of all gifts handmade locally, they offer wonderful, creative classes, beading birthday parties, ladies nights out and a summer camp! . http://www.serendipityinhudson.com…. keeping it local since 2005!

  2. Lalalove this piece…I worked in Hudson for twenty years and really enjoyed watching the transformation. I’d like to say I had a hand in transforming Hudson in a small way… I was co creator of the Holiday Stroll…back in the day..
    It’s a cool town..with great people.

    • That’s amazing! We LOVE the stroll – that’s a huge contribution to Hudson’s awesomeness. I’m hearing there’s a lot more excitement in the works. Might need to do a Part II!

  3. Update! I made it to CAS handmade for opening week and it was amazing. So many awesome treasures. I ended up with two handbags and am dying to grab another one….. or two! Check out the pictures on my instagram @BankSmartCarrie!

  4. I was always so proud to go to The New Hudson High School. And I loved the school shop. It was like a signature piece, I could not wait to get my car to place the Hawk sticker in it. Today I feel I have the same experience anywhere I go in town. By the way, I love the #hipsterhudson stickers 🙂

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