My Fitness Asylum Journey

My before and after pics!

I am so excited The Fitness Asylum is coming to #hipsterhudson! I joined the Fitness Asylum in September 2015 for the Fall Challenge. I was overweight, depressed and had no energy. I had been stalking the fitness asylum for a good 2 challenges before I finally signed up.

I went to the kick off meeting completely petrified. I sat in my team section and was immediately welcomed by past challengers known as veterans. They showed me how to set up my macros in MFP (My Fitness Pal) and set me up using MBO (Mind Body Online). I had already ordered my first set of bootcamps before the meeting had started. I was so grateful for these kind hearted women! I walked away a little confused but I now knew what I needed to do READ THE PACKET. I read that packet almost every day for the first two months.

“I was so grateful for these kind hearted women!”

I started really slow with bootcamp classes I was only going once a week. They were so hard! I couldn’t do a lot of the exercises without wanting to pass out. As I grew stronger I was making more and more classes. I started making friends and looking forward to their encouraging words during class. We have food prep parties and it feels great to have friends with my same passion. #Family I’m addicted! If I miss a class I feel terrible and make sure to pick up an additional day #FOMO. The Fitness Asylum has become part of my routine and I love it!

I am now down 40 pounds and feel amazing! I’m not depressed, I have tons of energy and I’m getting stronger every day! #ICanDoHardThings I’m not ashamed to put on a bathing suit and have a good time with my family. I’m living!

Erin Curry

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