5 Years in Downtown Hudson

Recently, Rail Trail Flatbread Company celebrated their 5 Year Anniversary!  You may have seen me mention this restaurant in one of my previous posts about living in Hudson.

When I first moved to town, I was sad to see so many vacant shops along Main Street.  Over the last 5 years, that has changed… a LOT! 

When Rail Trail Flatbread Company first opened, I went on opening night, in the snow, with my husband.  We first tried a handcrafted cocktail and then their stuffed banana pepper.  Immediately, we knew this place was some place special!  

Sharing stories by the fire

Additionally, there is nothing better than the comfort of sitting next to a roaring fire (where they cook a lot of their food and make the flatbreads of course) while in a wonderful atmosphere.

Cheese from Mullahys Cheese Shop and Charcuterie from Chef Tom

Fresh tzatziki and a bruised lettuce salad served with the lamb

We have visited almost every week since they opened and have also been known to frequent their sister-restaurants, New City MicroCreamery and < >

One moment I will never forget was when they first opened and there were massive snowbanks along Main Street.  I saw people scrambling over these snowbanks just to get to the restaurant, knowing that it was not only a new addition to the town but a yummy one at that!

Me digging into my second flatbread of the evening

Funny enough, I wrote a blog about them when they first opened, sharing about their menu and my experience and now, here I am 5 years later, writing yet another blog

Party Favors – Rail Trail Commemorative Glasses and Pens

Their 5 year celebration was attended by many friends and family of the Rail Trail and plenty of business owners in town.  Additionally, they donated the proceeds to a local shelter to help those in transition.  Throughout the evening, stories were shared and glasses were clinked in celebration.  

The food highlighted many of the moments in RT history and I enjoyed every bite! Local breweries also contributed to the evening, pairing their brews with each of the plates served.

Check out this piece of lamb!

Congratulations friends!  Cheers!