Creating Social Ambassador Awareness in our Community

#BankSmartJess reflects on the beginning of the #AvidiaSmarties and how it has been received in the community and surrounding towns.


The summer has ended and as always it feels like it just blew by. Kids are back to school and parents are back to a regular work schedule after the summer vacation fun. Feels all too quiet for us Smarties who attended various community events throughout the summer.

Taking a look back at the past 5 months and I have to say I am quite proud of our little group of social ambassadors. We had an idea and ran with it. It took about 10 meetings (No exaggeration!) to finally feel prepared enough to take our show on the road. There were issues we needed to address such as social media reputation risks to the bank, who would be a great member of our group and the ever important #AvidiaSmartie swag!

Our First Community Test Run

Community Fest in HudsonThe first event that we attended took place in July at Hudson Community Fest on South St. in Hudson. We donned our orange smartie t-shirts, which have our Twitter handles on the back, so we could be easily recognizable and we were!  We created an Instagram contest were we asked people to take a photo of themselves using our Instagram photo frame, upload the photo to Instagram and use the hashtag #HudsonFest2015. We handed out 100 lanyards with a QR code that when scanned, would go to right to our Instagram account.

Though this all sounded fun and like it went smoothly, trust me it had its challenges. Carrying a large frame around would be one, but being out IN the community for the first time was a little weird. People did not understand what we were doing, what the group’s purpose was for, and were a little intimidated by the photos. So we had some adjustments to make. It’s all trial and error correct?

What is in our future?

Now jump to our most recent event held in Hudson called Woofstock where people bring their dogs to check out pet vendors, trainers and agility shows. There we handed out poop bags and orange bandanas to the dog owners and the smarties even brought their own dogs! People loved it!

With the addition of our own Facebook page, I truly think the communities are starting to understand us and our purpose, but then again we’ve only been doing this for 5 months!

BankSmart Jess

About BankSmart Jess

Mom of 2 boys and a boxer. Banker for 14 years. My passions include art, graphic design, motorcycles, content marketing, volunteerism, camping, the outdoors among a few. You can follow me on Facebook at Bank Smart Jess to keep up with my busy banking life!

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  1. What a great way to connect with the community! I wish you luck with your future endeavors in getting out their and promoting the Avidia Smarties. Connecting with local community is very important. I recently donated one of my dollhouses to a local charity fundraiser. It was great to be part of something bigger than just me. I have more information on my dollhouses at my website . Keep up the great work!

  2. I really love your idea and what you’ve done with it. Banking industry ambassadors. How cool is that? Now that it will be getting colder, maybe you can plan some indoor community activity. Concerts are a great activity in the colder weather and
    lists some great Christian concerts in your area. Maybe the AvidiaSmarties can look into setting up a spot at the concerts, giving away promotional items and introducing yourselves. Our website highlights Christian bands and explores the message behind the songs, honestly reflecting on life’s joys and challenges. We invite you to take a look and listen. Much success to the AvidiaSmarties.

  3. I am a big fan of attending community events to network with other community members. We at team up with future home owners to help match them with home in a community that best fits their family needs. Groups like Avidia Social are a great at helping new members feel welcomed. We wish you the best and look forward to reading about your future community adventures.

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