The creation of AvidiaSocial

The site you are currently reading was created by me, Jessica Bonetti, official Avidia Smartie member.

During parts of 2015 and 2016 I was attending the New England College of Business working towards my digital marketing certificate. It was during a search engine optimization class  where we were assigned a project…and a lengthy one. We had to come up with our own business, create a website for our business and improve our search engine rankings by utilizing the SEO techniques we were taught.

First off I have never created a website on my own, let alone implement any SEO techniques. I was a little intimidated. By focusing on one of my strengths which is the working knowledge of websites, I put on my “big girl” pants and knew immediately what I wanted to do…create a special blog site for the Avidia Smarties. A group as awesome as this, needs an awesome platform for spreading their knowledge of fintech, community awareness and their silliness.

As you can see, the site is up and running and thanks to the website savvy BankSmartKate, she helped get this up and running and now the Avidia Smarties can say even more than what can fit in 140 characters or less. (Which I’m pretty sure BankSmartCarrie is very excited about!)

So check back often for new blog posts about our adventures, or better yet, follow us on social!

Keep Calm and Bank Smart!


BankSmart Jess

About BankSmart Jess

Mom of 2 boys and a boxer. Banker for 14 years. My passions include art, graphic design, motorcycles, content marketing, volunteerism, camping, the outdoors among a few. You can follow me on Facebook at Bank Smart Jess to keep up with my busy banking life!