4 Great Blogs on Blogging for Those who Hate….Blogging.

Did I mention Blogging?

Every Friday at the end of my work day I prioritize the following week’s tasks that need to be done. Blogging falls at the bottom EVERY. TIME. It’s not that I hate blogs. I read them.  I just do not read them in their entirety. I skim them. I have very, very short attention span. Unless I am reading the latest novel on my night stand, reading blogs is not a favorite past time of mine. SO why on earth would I want to waste my time to write one? Work has kind of “forced” me into it. Kind of.

Dog with angry face

This dog hates blogging as much as I do.

So WHY am I blogging. (OR attempting to?)

I was the one who went ahead and created this beautiful site you are browsing and in effect, created a reason for me and the Smartie crew to start blogging. So I have no one to blame but me. So that begs a bigger question: What on earth do I have that’s even REMOTELY interesting enough in my life to blog about?

Well I guess there’s the time my son flooded the bathroom floor trying to unclog the toilet, or the time my puppy chewed apart my new FitBit, or the time I almost cried on the Flume Slide in NH (I really did.) So I decided to find blogs on the interwebs about writing great blogs. So let’s check it out.

Two women climbing up rock

^ Me post-cry up the Flume Slide!


Here are some of blogs about blogging that I ACTUALLY read.

  1. My favorite because it gave me new ideas on how to get content out of my head and onto the ‘paper’ and the sentences were so broken up that it was easy to read and not overwhelming: One Man Wiki
  1. SUPER LONG but if you have the attention span it’s a good read and in depth step by step instructions! Co-Schedule
  1. It was short…SO short it held my attention. Inc.com
  1. Provides 5 templates for different kinds of blogs. Who knew!? HubSpot

It’s good to know I’m not the only one that needs help OR that hates writing. Maybe next time I’ll write about something I am more passionate about. Hmmmm…what will that be?  Stay tuned!

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4 comments on “4 Great Blogs on Blogging for Those who Hate….Blogging.

  1. Hi Jess,

    Thanks so much for the shoutout!

    Great article you got here, CoSchedule is an awesome resource for upping your content marketing game, long but full of actionable tips!

    Sumome is another awesome resource if you like the epic guides style…


    • Thanks Joe! Trying my best here to get going and keep up with blogging efforts. It’s always been a love hate relationship for sure! lol

    • I hope the next one to a little bit longer with some more content! It will come in time. Thanks for reading!!

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