A Clinton Adventure

I don’t go to Clinton very often. To be exact, I think I’ve been there twice in the past three years. Once to walk across the Dam, and once to go to the Strand (we saw Central Intelligence, a debatably funny movie with Dwayne ”The Rock” Johnson and Kevin Hart). So anyways, I think two trips in three years qualifies as not very often. That’s why I was very excited when last week, Kate came into my office and suggested that we visit every town that has an Avidia branch in it and give them a little love on social media. I agreed, that was an obviously amazing idea, so off we went to our first town, Clinton.

We asked every branch to send us their favorite hotspots in town and Clinton did not let us down as far as suggestions are concerned! Kate and I started our adventure at Coffelands, a really nice coffee place located right on Main Street. As soon as you walk in, it’s hard not to notice all of the art on the walls, all made by local residents, and all for sale. It’s quite lovely to look at and makes the shop feel very rooted in the community. I also really liked how the ceiling tiles were all decorated either by children, or local community groups, they were colorful and it was fun to look at.
I got a plain bagel with peanut butter, banana, honey, and cinnamon on it and man was it good. From our outside seating we could see The Strand, and many other local businesses. Kate and I both agreed, Clinton Main Street definitely gives off the same vibe as Hudson Main Street and is on its way to some serious growth!

After our stop on Main Street, we stopped by the branch (Hi Clinton team!) and then we headed off to the Dam and some haunted train tunnel that Kristin, the Clinton branch manager, told us about. I didn’t know that Clinton had an old, abandoned, supposedly haunted train tunnel so this was quite exciting. There aren’t exact instructions for finding this place but essentially we just went half way down the road that the Dam is on and on the side of the road nearest the woods, you’ll see this stone wall type thing. If you pull over there and walk up into the woods, all of the sudden there’s a big train tunnel there!

It was super random and I wouldn’t say I got haunted vibes from it but it was kind of interesting. It definitely looked like it went on forever, so Kate and I were not convinced to go all of the way through it, but from the entrance it was enticing. Once we decided we had spent enough time in this tunnel, we went down by the dam. I didn’t realize that you can’t walk across it! The one and only other time I had been to the dam, apparently it just so happened to be the one day a year you could walk across it, so I lucked out then, but was a little disappointed yesterday. But that’s okay, because walking across it or not, it’s still a quite beautiful spot.
Plus, it was super nice and sunny out yesterday, so hopefully Kate and I got a little tan, probably just burned though.

Once we decided we had soaked up enough sun, we jetted off to our last stop of the day, Rota Spring Farm. I think we went at an amazing time because there was no one in line! The last time I was there, the line was pretty deep into the parking lot so, this was exciting. I ordered the Maine Blueberry flavor, which was very whimsical of me because I usually stick to the same three flavors everywhere I go, but I am happy to report the blueberry did not disappoint. I love Rota’s because the goats are super funny to watch and there are cows!
The cows have so much room to roam around, they even have a little pond back in the woods where they can hang out. They are truly living their best lives.

That more or less, that concludes our day in Clinton. It was a really wonderful day, full of so many places I had never been to before and definitely full of places I hope to return to. So thanks Clinton, see ya soon!

Make sure to stay tuned to see where Kate and I visit next!