A Sunny Day in Shrewsbury

Happy Thursday! It feels like a lucky day because it’s not rainy today , so Kate and I took advantage of that and headed off to Shrewsbury. Last time I was in Shrewsbury was for their Brew and Food Fest which was a ton of fun, so I was looking forward to another equally as amazing trip.

Our first stop was to Ski Ward. I had read on their Facebook page beforehand that they were actually open and running for the summer, which was intriguing because obviously, there is no snow. Kate and I were pleasantly surprised when we hopped out of the car and saw a sign for summertime tubing. We didn’t exactly know what this was but we were greeted by a super friendly and knowledgeable employee who showed us all around. Here’s the scoop: Ski Ward has THREE Olympic sized volleyball courts, a full bar and grill where they host brewery nights and different events, plus cyclocross practices (look it up) and finally the TubaSlide. Tubasliding is essentially the same exact thing as winter tubing, but no snow! The track is designed to have the gliding feel of snow, but it’s snow and water free. Plus, the magic carpet brings you and your tube right on back up to the top. I think I want to gather some friends and make them go summer tubing with me!

Next we went to Dean Park! At first, all I saw were some baseball and softball fields, and I was pretty disappointed because I expected more but I was too quick to judge. As Kate and I got out of the car and walked around the corner, there was a beautiful pond and walking path! The pond was quite big and full of geese. I guess there is usually a fountain that works during the summer but it’s under some construction this year 🙁 We walked around the path for a good while and even came across a playground and some basketball courts! There were a ton of people walking around too, it seems like a great place to go and enjoy a walk during the last few remaining days of summer.

We heard that a new shop opened up on Main Street so we made that our next stop! Shrewsbury Country Shoppe just opened about a month ago and has some beautiful items! If you’re looking for some nice new home furnishings, or a gift for a friend, this would definitely be the place to visit. They even have some personalized wine glasses with the Shrewsbury zip code on them so you can represent Shrewsbury all the time!

Conveniently, the branch was right on the same road so we popped on in quickly! They were a bit busy but everyone was lovely and their Max Adventure Savings display looked super cute, Max even had a pair of goggles and flip flops on!

Our second to last stop was a brand new café called Macey’s Café. They’re right where Blue Coast Coffee used to be and I had read online that they’re pretty amazing so we popped in to evaluate for ourselves. Thankfully, Kate and I can now confirm, Macey’s Café is really good! I got a raspberry iced tea and Kate got a smoothie and we both loved our choices! They are also having a dog day on Saturday where if you buy an ice cream, your puppy can get a free scoop too!!

Finally, we checked out Hebert’s Candy Mansion. This place smelled sooo good! I love chocolate, so this was the right stop for me. I was excited to get to sample a piece of mint cookie crunch chocolate, it was very minty, I approved. This place had all the chocolate anyone could ever need and I’m going to try and come back for a tour sometime!

All in all, Shrewsbury did not disappoint! Kate and I both saw some great new places and we are definitely going to be back soon. Make sure to stay up to date on our Thursday adventures by following us on Instagram, and check back soon to see what we are up to next!