A Trip to Still River Vintage Co.

If any of you are anything like me, maybe you wonder what’s going to pop up in Hudson next. Anyone else wondering? Anyone?? Well, wonder no longer because I have an answer for you. Hudson now has a BEAUTIFUL vintage store that just opened up! Located at 4 South Street (head towards the backside of Rail Trail), sits Still River Vintage Co.! Still River moved here to Hudson from Bolton, where it was open for about two years. It’s owned, operated, stocked, and loved by local Hudson resident Michael Nelson.
Yesterday, I decided to take a nice mid-morning walk down to the store to check it out for the first time. I was excited, a vintage shop! That sounded really cool, and I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect, which added to my excited anticipation. I don’t think I’d ever really been to a vintage store before. I don’t think my parent’s would’ve ever taken me to one as a child out of fear I’d break something and I don’t think I’d ever been to one since becoming a not-child. Plus, I’d never really known where to find one, not that I’d ever looked. But now one was right here on South Street, so I had no reason not to go. And let me just say I was not disappointed.
Let me just start with the entrance. Obviously, I love the sign, who wouldn’t? It’s got bold, clean colors, that flow together really well but my favorite thing is the open/close sign. That wooden sign right there, that currently says open(because they’re open duh) actually changes and flips to say close when they’re closed! I love it because A) it’s super big and visible from the road and B) It’s slightly more challenging to change than just a sign on the door, so that shows effort and effort is COOL. Oh, also I really liked that when you’re standing in the entrance you can see the whole store and the employees can see you. In a nice welcoming way, not a scary and intimidating way.
Anyways, I walked in and the store was so cool. I was so taken aback by how much product Michael had! As you can clearly see from the picture, this store has everything you could ever need. There truly is something for everyone here. I love a shop where I never know what I’m going to find, that’s 100% the fun part about shopping for me. Still River Vintage Co. in my opinion, seems like a place where something will just call to you. Beg you to take it home. Maybe you’ll know why you want to buy it, maybe you won’t, but you’ll be called to by something in this shop. Personally, I was called to by this white skull. This skull is very dramatic and very Hamlet and I was into it. I was also drawn to these lovely painted cards.

I can’t explain why because I sense they’re cards you shouldn’t actually write in and mail to someone, also I suppose because they’re old there is a chance other people have already written in the inside, but I thought they were so lovely. Tragically for me, I forgot to bring my wallet so no purchases were made but next time I stop in I’ll be fully prepared!
To be honest, Michael is making kitschy cool and I can’t wait to take all of my friends here. I think this shop fits in flawlessly with what Hudson is up to these days and Still River Vintage Co. is a neighbor no one is going to be upset about having. I wish Still River Vintage Co. the best of luck and hope that all of you pop in and take a look around. I promise you won’t be disappointed!
Make sure to check back soon so you can follow me on my next adventure. But until then, bye!!

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