Avidia Runs in the Family

Who’s ready for a bit of Avidia Bank history? If you clicked on this and are still reading then I am going to assume you are, so buckle in and here we go! 

Did you know that our very own Eleanor Grasso is related to one of the founders of the bank? Yes! You read that right, someone working here today is related to someone who opened the bank 150 years ago. How crazy is that!?

So here’s the inside scoop: one of Hudson Savings Bank’s founders was named Daniel Stratton and he was alive from 1817-1890. On April 23, 1869, a group of local men agreed to put money into a bank vault and leave it there for five years, thus forming Hudson Savings Bank! This man, Daniel Stratton, is actually Eleanor’s great great uncle…or grandfather, we aren’t entirely sure which one but a great great nonetheless!

(This is the list of men who agreed to invest their money into the bank!)

Daniel Stratton had a son who was also connected to the bank. His son was named Daniel W. Stratton. Daniel W. Stratton was alive from 1848- 1909 and took on many roles during his life. He started as a farmer, then a civil engineer, before finally becoming the Town Clerk for Hudson in 1878 and the treasurer of Hudson Savings Bank in 1881!

The original Daniel Stratton also had another son named Hurbert, who had a daughter named Polly who ALSO worked at the bank for 30 years! She was a file clerk and was Eleanor’s great aunt.

Now that Eleanor has been working at Avidia for 35 years, she jokes that collectively her family has been employed at the bank for probably over 100 years and if we work out the math, she’s probably right!

(The first entry of deposits made at the bank!)

Now that’s all the Avidia Bank history I have for now, but make sure to check back soon because you never know what kind of Avidia trivia I might stumble upon and like to share. Bye for now!