Hello Again Avidia

People of the blog world, hello again! It’s me, intern Kate, and I have returned again to Avidia for a summer of fun! For those who didn’t follow this blog last summer, I was the Retail and Marketing intern and I worked closely with Carrie and Kate to work on making the bank the best it could be. I won’t lie, I had a pretty awesome summer. For starters, I brewed beer! I know exactly zero other interns who can say they brewed beer as their job for the summer, so my Liquid Tender brewing experience has definitely been a topic of conversation!

I also worked on the Summer of Mobile campaign, helped with Tech Days, and created quite a handful of graphics on Canva. Overall, it was such a fun time I was most certainly hoping I would be asked to come back!

But before we get to that, in case anyone is interested (maybe someone is?) here’s what I’ve been up to this year. I started working at The Haberdash on Hudson Main Street, which is a place I think everyone should know about. It has everything for gift giving you could ever want and some very nice clothes too. It is very hard to go into work and not buy anything because of course I want everything. I also graduated from college this year!

I left Assumption College in May  with a diploma in hand and a smile on my face, I am not going to lie, graduation came way faster than I ever thought it would but I did it! And that felt good. I also did some traveling this year, which is always my favorite thing to  do. I went to San Francisco in January and it rained every day and then I went to Chicago in April where it was forecasted to rain every day, but it didn’t rain once! Luckily for me I have friends who live in cool cities, which is really the reason I have been taking these trips.

Now that leads us back here, Avidia employee once again! I was very excited when Carrie reached out to me, of course I wanted to come back. Now I’ve only been back for a few weeks, but looking at the plan set out for the summer I can certainly say it’s going to be filled with a lot of very exciting projects including our next Liquid Tender release! Again this year we are partnered with Exhibit A Brewery and the next batch of Liquid Tender is being released at Demo Tape Fest 6/22. Plus, some people from the bank are getting to brew this batch, so now more Avidia employees can hold the title ‘banker turned brewer’. I won’t tell you about any more of our summer projects though, we don’t want any spoilers!

I think that is all I have to say for now, I just wanted to say hi again, reintroduce myself, and get you all excited for the summer to come! Make sure to check back soon for another blog post, but until then- bye!