Liquid Tender Brew Number 2

A few weeks ago Joy and Lauren, Avidia’s very own employees, got to head over to Exhibit A Brewing  Co. in Framingham to brew our next batch of Liquid Tender and learn all about how beer brewing goes down. Lucky for me, I got to swing by and join for a bit which was nice because I for sure needed a refresher on the brewing biz.

Kelsey from Exhibit A is the only person I know who knows this much about beer, which is perfect because he has a lot of knowledge to share! Did you know that back in the 1500s, British people were not allowed to brew beer in the summer because it would come out tasting sour? This was actually because pollen would get into the beer which they brewed outside, but they did not realize that so summertime brewing was forbidden.

We also learned that if your beer ever smells like a skunk, this is because it has been exposed to sunlight! The cans that beer is kept in is not only more cost efficient for brewers, but it is the best way to keep air and light out as well, much better than glass bottles.

It was also very interesting to learn that after the grain goes through the brew process, all of the left over grain gets sent off to a farm for the animals to enjoy. Some breweries even use the grain to make bread or pizza dough!

I also got to talk to my fellow Avidia friends which was nice! Lauren said she was super excited to come because it was her day off so it fit perfectly into her schedule! She also mentioned that her boyfriend was super jealous because he loves Exhibit A and goes there all the time for beer, he wished it was him who got to brew!

All in all it was another educational brewing day and I was glad I got to go! Check back soon for more blogs and make sure to swing by Demo Tape Fest June 22 to try some Liquid Tender!