Local Farmers’ Markets


When Hudson started putting on a farmers’ market last year, I thought it was the most promising thing to happen to Hudson in a long time. What an amazing way to promote shopping and supporting local businesses! Well, as it turns out, it’s not only Hudson that’s on board the farmers’ market train, our friends in Shrewsbury, Westborough, Leominster and Framingham also have markets of their own!

Hudson: Tuesday’s 4-7 until October 2. Town Hall. 78 Main Street Hudson.

Marlborough: Tuesday’s 3-6:30 until September 25. Union Common. Main St. 

Shrewsbury: Wednesday’s 2:30-6:30 until September 26. Senior Center Parking Lot. 98 Main Street.

Westborough: Thursday’s 2-6 until September 27. Lawn of Congregational Church. 57 West Main Street.

Framingham: Thursday’s 12-5:30 until October 11.  Held at the Common, off Edgell Road.

Leominster: Saturday’s 9-1 until October 6. Monument Square.

As amazing as these markets are, sometimes encouraging yourself to make it to the market on time or even encouraging yourself to want to go in the first place can be hard, especially when the grocery store is right around the corner! So here are some reasons you may want to get out and shop local!

Freshness – Just think about how nice and ripe that produce is going to be when you snag it from the farmers’ market versus picking it up at the grocery store. When you shop at a farmers’ market, you can be assured that your veggies have not been shipped all the way across the country before they even make it to your table. They come straight from the local farm, to your grateful hands, and they couldn’t taste any better if they wanted to.

Atmosphere– It’s hard to deny that there’s a certain type of atmosphere that comes with a farmers’ market. Maybe it’s because everyone is just SO excited to be eating fresh food, or it has to do with the strong feelings of community, either way a local market is a fun place to be. Whether you’re at the market to browse all of the booths, or you’re there just to pick up one item and bounce, you’ll feel like an integral part of the community no matter what

Affordable–  Produce at the grocery store gets expensive. Seeing people groan at the sight of expensive strawberries at a store reassures me that farmers’ market prices are the way to go. Since the farmer’s at your local market don’t have to pay grocery stores to shelf their products, or pay transportation costs, the price of your produce is going to be way down, which is something I’m sure no one is complaining about

Support local economies– Supporting your local market is a great way to support your local economy. When you support your economy, your town is allowed to thrive and you can be a proud member of the community. Plus, when you shop at these markets, you’re also supporting each individual shop and farm you buy from, which helps them make a living, pay their employees, and help them be able to come back to the market week and week again.

Here are some quick tips for tackling your next farmers’ market:

  • Bring your own bags! There’s nothing more disappointing than forgetting your bags and your fav vendors don’t have any to offer either.  If you bring your own bag, not only are you helping cut down on plastic and waste, but you’ll be able to stock up on all of your favorite goodies!
  • Bring cash! In this wonderful day of modern technology, I will say that a lot of vendors actually do accept cards BUT isn’t it better to be safe than sorry? No one is ever going to turn your cash away.
  • Know your seasons! Maybe this is common sense, but not everything is in season all of the time. Knowing your seasons before you get to the market will keep you from feeling disappointed when you can’t find any broccoli or blueberries.

Hopefully you feel inspired to check out your next local farmers’ market and you have some tips for shopping local successfully! Let us know what amazing purchases you make and if there are any other awesome farmers’ markets in the area. Happy shopping!