The Leominster Life

After taking a week off, Kate and I were back in the game this week as we headed off to Leominster. Did you know that besides being the birth place of Johnny Appleseed, it is apparently also the birthplace of the plastic flamingo? What an obscure but amazing claim to fame. 

            In the fall, Avidia is sponsoring Apple Fest which is happening October 13-14 at Wachusett Mountain, so that was our first stop! I haven’t been to Wachusett since I did ski club in the seventh grade, and I’ve actually never been  when there’s not snow on the ground, so I was excited to reunite with the mountain. We walked around a little bit down at the bottom of the mountain but decided that the summit is where it’s at, so up we went! No, we didn’t hike to the top, we weren’t properly prepared for that, but we did drive up, which still counts. The summit was super beautiful!
We took some nice pictures and saw a bunch of families out hiking, it was a good day for it. It was nice to see a koi pond and watch children get excited about the fish, and we even heard that some lucky kids were getting gummy bears as a treat for finishing the hike! Wachusett did not disappoint and I’m going to try to get back and actually hike it sometime (or maybe take the ski lift, we’ll see).

            After our hike, we jetted off to Roots Natural Foods. It was way bigger than I thought it would be! On one side they have this very chic and snazzy kitchen where they serve juices, smoothies, sandwiches, and soups. Plus, they have a lovely outdoor seating area where you can sit and lounge on a nice day. But on the other side of the building there is a fairly extensive natural foods store.  They had everything from fresh produce, pour your own kombucha,  to natural vitamins,  and crystals. You could get lost in that store, pouring over new products or healthy alternatives you may have never heard of before. Unfortunately, we didn’t buy anything even though I was eyeballing the fresh aloe(I heard it’s good for dry skin!) but maybe next time. This is a place I’ll make sure to recommend to people.

From Roots, we decided to take a quick stop at the branch. Hi to the Leominster branch! Everyone is always so welcoming there AND they’re participating in an amazing back to school, school supply drive, so make sure to drop of some notebooks and pencils.

The branch, quite conveniently, is right down the street from Luccas American Kitchen! Luccas was just opened up last year, but from what I’ve heard, they’re super amazing, and always busy but I’m more than positive it’s worth the wait. And they have grilled cheese on the menu, and I for one love grilled cheese, so I’ll be stopping by. We recently did this amazing video with them, make sure to check it out.

Our last stop of the day was Gove Farm. Let me tell you, this place was popping! There were so many people there  at 11:00 AM, Kate and I were shocked! Gove Farm is a family run and operated farm stand that sells only products that they have produced. That means that all of the fresh veggies we saw today were sourced locally, right from their farm. They had a lot of produce too, everything from tomatoes, and squash to peaches and mint! Also, rumor has it they have the BEST sweet corn that sells out almost every day, so be sure to call ahead and make sure there is still some available!

That just about wrapped up our day in Leominster, but it was quite a successful day! We saw so much and I’m going to make sure to make it back for AppleFest in October at Wachusett. Thanks Leominster for the great weather and the great stops! Check back next week to see us take on our next town, but  until then bye bye!