Time to Meet Lauren!

My Avidia Social friends, I have a very exciting post for you today! Did you know that this summer I am not the only intern working here with Kate and Carrie?! That’s right! An amazing new intern named Lauren has joined us and has written a lovely introduction blog about herself that she is so graciously letting me post! So without further ado, here’s Lauren! 

“Hello! My name is Lauren Curley. I am from Stow, MA and I am a rising sophomore at Babson College in Wellesley, MA. At Babson, I play on their D3 field hockey team.  In addition to playing, I love watching sports and being a Boston fan has made that very exciting for most of my life.

This summer I am working for Avidia as one of their marketing and retail interns. I am super excited to be working in their Westborough location as I will be very close to Release Well-being center, which is my favorite place to relax and do yoga. My favorite classes there are the hot flow, and aerial. I can’t wait to get in there after a day at work. I will also only be ten minutes from my all-time favorite coffee shop LaLa Java. They have the best frozen drinks and lemonades.

When I’m not working at Avidia this summer you can probably find me in Ocean Park, Maine hanging out on the beach with my family. I love sea food, especially oysters, and nothing beats a fresh Maine lobster roll. If I am not in Maine, I love spending time with my friends, laying by the pool or finding some new fun adventure to go on. I love hands on activities, and can always find myself in some project of arts and crafts. I have parlayed my love of crafts to start my own jewelry business. It is fun to be creative and work with my friends. 

I also love animals of all sorts, but am a true dog lover at heart.  My family’s dog, Brady, is a miniature labradoodle. Like me, he loves the beach and can be a bit lazy around the house.

Prior to attending Babson College, I spent my high school years between two different high schools. I began my academics at Notre Dame Academy in Worcester, MA for my Freshman and Sophomore years. It is a small, all girls Catholic school, and although I loved my time there and the friendships I made, I decided to transfer to Lawrence Academy, a prep school in Groton, MA. This school I accredit for strengthening my academic capabilities as well as athletics in order to be equipped to play field hockey in college. I lived on campus in the dorms there for my junior and senior year. During my last two years of high school, I found myself participating in sports in all three available seasons. I played field hockey in the fall and lacrosse in the spring, and even managed the girl’s hockey team in the winter between the other sports seasons.

Hope you all enjoyed learning a little bit about me! Have a nice day!”

And that’s Lauren! She’s super great and I’m sure you’ll all get to meet her at some point, but until then make sure to check back here for more posts from her! Until then though, bye!