Wrapping Up


Time flies when you’re having fun right? That’s what I’m choosing to believe because as I’m sitting here typing this, somehow, it’s my last day here at Avidia. I still remember the feeling of arriving 23 minutes early to my first day on May 15 because I was afraid of showing up late. As I sat in my car, I was stressing!!! What was going to happen these next three months, was I going to like my time here? Would my bosses be nice? I never even interviewed in person, just on the phone a month prior, what if they didn’t like me anymore!!!

As I said, I was stressing. But hindsight is 20/20 and now I know I had nothing to worry about! It’s been an incredible few months, and when I say I’ve learned a lot from Kate and Carrie that’s no joke. Here are some of my favorite things that I have worked on this summer:Here’s a super cool photo of me learning how to can beer! The experience  was actually a little stressful at times because occasionally I would mess up and then the whole line would get backed up and a million beer cans would fly at me at once but we handled it. This was for Avidia’s partnership with Exhibit A. They partnered to produce an IPA called Liquid Tender, which launched at Exhibit A’s Demo Tape Fest. It was such an interesting experience learning first of all how beer is even made, but also learning how such an amazing partnership even came to life. Working and learning from Kate, Carrie, and Kelsey on this project was something I certainly will never forget, I mean who else can say they brewed beer for their summer internship? Exactly.

When Card Control launched, we were in need of a fun way to announce this new feature! Of course notifications would go out on the mobile app, but we also wanted the news to be spread on social. That left me in charge of coming up with some creative graphics. The photos came from Getty Images, but the words and layout I did on Canva. I made four graphics in total for the Card Control launch but I liked the copy on the beach themed one and the image on the night out themed one. I loved making these because I got to be creative and I felt like the copy worked really well for the message we were trying to send.

A few weeks ago,  Kate suggested that on Thursday’s we start visiting local towns and highlighting exciting things to do in them! Our first ever town we chose was Clinton and it was such a nice day. We spent some time at the Wachusett Reservoir, saw local shops, and of course we visited this ‘haunted’ abandoned train tunnel. After all of our Thursday visits, I got to write a blog about our travels and I loved doing this because I quite enjoy blogging! I always looked forward to our Thursday travels because I loved to discover these hidden gems so close to home.

I also enjoyed my time working on Tech Day, Summer of Mobile, planning the 150, doing Instagram takeovers, and Hootsuite-ing. Carrie made sure I made a LinkedIn- I even have a photo and everything, am I an adult now?

Overall, I have had such a rewarding few months here. Everyone I have met has been extremely welcoming, I’ve learned banking doesn’t have to be a snooze fest (it def can be, but don’t let it be), and that no idea is too out of reach. I was able to pursue any idea I wanted to, which I really appreciated! I even unofficially had a vlog, it never went out anywhere because I didn’t like it, but the fact I was even allowed to try to make a vlog was super cool and shows how encouraging Kate and Carrie are.  

So I guess that’s that! Thanks to everyone here at the bank, I hope to see you all again sometime soon. Seeing as this is my last blog, I can’t say until next time, but do make sure to come back and read everyone else’s blogs! Thanks for reading. Bye!