Your Friendly Neighborhood Intern

Hello to everyone reading this! My name is Kate O’Neil and I am Avidia’s Retail and Marketing Intern. What that means is that I’ve only been working at the bank for a few weeks so far, so I can’t say I’m an expert on all things Avidia yet, but I can say that it’s been a great few weeks! It’s possible that you’re now thinking, well I know her name and her position, but who is this girl and where did she come from? Well, I’m glad you asked because if you sit back and relax I’ll tell you all about myself.

I think an important place to begin is that I am Hudson born and raised….kind of. I lived in upstate New York for five years between ages four and nine, but if we forget about those years, I’ve always been a Hudson kid. I think that is important because people from Hudson are tight, they hold a special kind of connection with one another. Take for example someone I met the other day. I told him that I live in Hudson and he said that he did as well, and had his whole life, winking while he said this. Why did he wink? Are we a part of the same Hudson cult and maybe I didn’t realize? An inside joke I missed out on? Could be, but I’m pretty sure it’s that strange Hudson pride and connection I was talking about. So yes, Hudson. Hudson was not necessarily an interesting place to grow up, I don’t think I would have ever spent my free time on Main Street, so it truly amazes me how hip and happening downtown is now. As much as I want to resent it due to my boring, non-downtown filled youth, I still love it. You can catch me easily once a week at New City. Rail Trail is definitely a fav too. I think now is a good time to mention that if you know anything about me, know that I’m a VERY picky eater. And I really try not to be! But it’s so so hard. My go-to Rail Trail order is a cheese flatbread and some water. I should just be ordering off the kids menu.
Anyways, after growing up in Hudson I journeyed off to UMASS Amherst to start my Freshmen Year. It was a good year, a year of figuring things out and one very important thing I discovered was that I no longer wanted to attend UMASS. No offense to UMASS, it was a lovely school, just not for me. I decided what was right for me was to go to Assumption College in Worcester, MA. It was closer to home, but it was also smaller. Only around 2,000 students which seemed right for me. I had an amazing sophomore year at Assumption. I had a roommate from Oklahoma, which I thought was wild because how did she ever find out about a small school in Worcester? I also joined a lot of clubs and groups. I spent some time volunteering and then I had to make a very important decision. You see, when I was just a mere little sixteen year old, I decided I wanted to spend my junior year of high school studying in Australia. My parents, like a lot of parents, said absolutely not. And I sobbed at the dinner table. Moral of that story is that I had been waiting to study abroad for a long time. Junior year was going to be my chance and oh boy I was prepared to take advantage of it. So I decided I would go away for a full year. To London!!! This took a lot of hard work (I had in total eleven days off last summer), and a lot of parental convincing but on August 28, 2017 I found myself at Logan Airport ready to leave.

AND I am so happy to report, it was the best year of my whole life! I love London. I could write an entire dissertation on my year there, but I won’t. All that should be known is that it was amazing and life changing. Ugh I love London. Anyways, while I was there I started thinking oh boy…I need an internship for the summer, how am I going to get one while being away? I applied to a lot, and did many phone interviews, and I ended up, ever so happily, here at Avidia!!! It’s been an amazing seven days so far, I have an office, have visited all of the branches, and have the freedom to come up and execute my own ideas! Everyone keeps telling me how much fun I’m going to have here for the next few months and I believe them. At least, I hope they’re not all lying….

And now that I’ve said a lot, I guess I’ll go now. It’s easy to blog about yourself I’ve just learned. Who knows what I’ll be talking about next time but I hope to be back writing another blog sometime soon, until then though, bye bye!!